The coming and going of a due date!

calanderThere is no date in the calendar year that captures your attention with as much excitement as the impending ‘due date’ of your baby. Today, marks 40 weeks and the estimated ‘due date’ that I was given by my doctor and, as suspected, today passed like any other with no signs of a baby.
The most activity I have had is fielding a multitude of phone calls, text messages, emails and social media comments wishing me well and asking for an update and ‘any developments?’ to which I have had to reply on a multitude of platforms to a multitude of people that today is going to pass much like yesterday and that I will be in touch when we have some news. Until then… I am resting, enjoying the last of our coupledom and waiting (without any unnecessary pressure) for our babe to make his grand entrance in his own time.

I am torn between feelings of gratitude that so many people are also waiting with baited breath for the arrival of this little cherub and wanting to slap the next person in the face who asks me ‘any developments?’

Statistically only 4% of babies arrive on the ‘due date’ which is not particularly impressive and only confirms that we shouldn’t get too attached to any such date.  As the normal gestational period is 37-42 weeks, perhaps I should have added another 2 weeks on to the date I was given before I casually threw it around to my friends and family.


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