School Holidays…

I can’t yet join the ranks of families everywhere planning, stressing and getting excited about the up-coming school holidays as my babe is still too young. But, it is that time of the year again and school holidays are upon us. It’s interesting to hear the different responses to this particular time, some families love it, some dread it [and all the teachers out there are secretly chinking their champagne glasses together and putting their feet up] and all the singles and loved up couples suddenly find their usual route of shops, car-parks, café’s and parks suddenly teaming with loud crazy children celebrating their freedom.

If, however, you are like me; the proud new mama of a baby who is not yet walking, talking or even crawling… everyday is like school holidays. We get up each day with a sense of excitement, what will we do today? Essentially, it’s 5 years of daily activities before we can even comprehend sending them off to school what is it that we do all day to stop ourselves from going stir crazy?

7 weeks in… here is our top 5 list  …

  1. COOKING SHOW…. So having a new baby it can be hard to get anything done and one thing I do try to have done each evening now is dinner! If I can have dinner on the table or at least in the oven when my husband gets home, I feel like Super Mum. So… my little kiddo lays in his little moses basket in the kitchen while I present to him the best of ‘MAMA’s KITCHEN’ …. It involves an explanation of all the produce that I am using, a discussion around the chopping method, shape and preparation (some crazy voices and accents thrown in for good measure and my amusement), observation of the colours and shapes of each of the foods and then a celebration that super mum has achieved one meaningful chore for the day. I cant yet tell how impressed he is by my culinary prowess and sometimes I think the rattling Eeyore that’s in there with him is the main source of his entertainment.
  2. WALKING….. A walk by the ocean or river is as good for me as it is for him. We take the time to stop along the way to look at the trees, listen to the birds, smell the roses and most often, fall asleep in the sling before we reach the end of the trail. For me its important to get out of the house each day, even if its only for 30 minutes and he loves it. I think in particular he loves the wind blowing through his hair, the new smells and the motion of the transport.  When he does fall asleep, I catch up on the phone calls that I have been meaning to make or return all week or take a few deep breaths and enjoy some quiet ME time.

    Storchenwiege Ring Sling
    Storchenwiege Ring Sling
  3. PUPPET SHOW…  I found these really cute little finger puppets at the markets a few weeks ago; a chicken, a turtle and a spider which I prefer to refer to as the ladybird (it’s a fine line… it looks a lot like a ladybird). It may be a little early for full comprehension of this one but I think the crazy stories are really for my benefit and the colours, movements and funny voices are for his.
    I managed to get my husband to put on this particular show this weekend.
    I managed to get my husband to put on this particular show this weekend.


  4. MUSIC AND DANCING… We have dusted off the old CD collection and been known to dance around the room (ok, I do the dancing, he just lays in my arms) whilst appreciating a variety of sounds from classical to old school ballads and pop music. I think its important for him to have exposure to a variety of different sounds and moods.  I really enjoy reliving the good old days while holding the amazing present in my arms.
  5. We NAP… after all our busy activities, we lay together on his beautiful sheep skin rug and share our dreams.  It’s one of my favourite times of the day – what could be better than laying with your baby and watching him dream – totally at peace and in your arms?

    beautiful afternoon naps
    beautiful afternoon naps

Every day is like a gift as I remind myself that he is only going to be this little this once and before I know it, he is going to be running around causing chaos or heading off for his first day of school. Each phase of his life is going to be exciting and wonderful and I am love being able to hold him and carry him around as he nuzzles into my neck or his tiny little hand finds mine – it wont be long before we are going to be down at the beach building sand castles and learning to swim or joining all the other mums for play dates at the park – until then, I will enjoy our silly little activities, his alert eyes, his new little sounds and his beautiful smiles.

Enjoy your school holidays !!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Irene says:

    I love this post, I love that you are enjoying every minute of your baby and that every moment is magic.

    1. maxiemama says:

      Yes its a very special time as I am sure you will remember. 🙂

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