Afternoon Delight

We are so lucky to have such long delicious summers here (my favourite time of year) and although I am not particularly fond of winter, I really enjoy the feeling of Autumn unfolding around us. The air is crisp, the days are still filled with glorious sunshine and the birds are still singing their beautiful songs.

This last week or so my little pickle and I are loving our beautiful afternoon walks. We take time-out to stop and  smell the roses, we stop to touch the leaves on trees, watch the dogs playing in people’s yards and feel the cool breeze on our skin. I love watching his little face filled with interest as he absorbs the great outdoors and peers out from the sling or the ergo with a look of awe. It’s so exciting to watch someone else see the world for the very first time; to watch them grow accustomed to familiar sounds and their face fill with surprise at new ones.

The look of surprise on my little pickles face.
The look of surprise on my little pickles face.
Afternoon delight xx
Afternoon delight xx

I talk to him a lot during these walks, telling him all about the trees, the birds, the flowers, the weather… whatever we find along our way.


gorgeous pink flowers mingle with a wall of white
gorgeous pink flowers mingle with a wall of white




His little sounds of delight captivate me and I feel as though our bond gets stronger with every new path we take. Eventually, the excitement of all that stimulation makes him sleepy and he buries his little head against my chest and falls asleep. I finish the walk in silence, absorbing all the beauty around us, filled with gratitude for the amazing life I have and the beautiful little boy I hold in my arms and head home quietly.


I hope you get to enjoy an ‘afternoon delight’ this weekend – enjoy the sunshine!


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