After hours GP


When one of your kids wakes up crying with a high fever in the early hours of the morning or seems unwell with symptoms that frighten you – what do you do and where would you go?

Research shows that the majority of people would rush to the hospital emergency department or call an ambulance.

Did you know that in Perth, we have bulk-billed, after hours, in-home medical services available?

I think every family should know about this but apparently only 20% of the public are aware that in-home medical care is available after hours and in many cases, the people who have rushed to sit around waiting to be seen at the hospital could have been safely (and more comfortably) been treated at home by a GP.

PLUS…If you are registered with Medicare or Veterans affairs, this service is FREE!!

Medical at Home is provided to the Perth metropolitan community by the Australian Locum Medical Service, and all doctors working with Medical at Home are registered by the Medical Board of Australia.

Through Medical at Home and the Australian Locum Medical Service, a doctor is always available after hours to discuss your problem and visit you at home. Many people just assume that it would cost too much to have a doctor come to their home but patients are bulk billed with no out-of-pocket expense.

The message is simple; for unexpected illness that isn’t an emergency, don’t wait around in crowded emergency departments for after hours medical care. Ring Medical at Home on 9328 0418 or visit

Monday – Friday   6pm – 6am

Saturdays  from 12 noon

Sundays & Public Holidays 24 hours

I’ve put the details on my fridge for quick access when I need them.. you might want to do the same?



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  1. Steve says:

    Thanks for the info Max. Had no idea this was available. Any idea on the response time? Is this a busy service and you could be waiting hours for help or are they usually quick to respond? Avoiding waiting in a hospital waiting room is sounds pretty good. Steve

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