oh CRAP!

Doesn’t every mother believe that their kid has some special talent or gift?Something that your kid does better than anyone else?


My kid’s special talent… is in his nappies. That’s right. I was just as surprised as you are!

I was changing his nappy one morning and noticed that I had stumbled across something pretty amazing. My kid is an artist!!! He’s crapping animals.


Awesome. I checked it out in detail – wow, this is so cool. Had a little laugh to myself. Knew what I had to do. I took a photo and sent it to my husband at work.


Text read “Our pickle is going to be an artist!! He just shat a giraffe…. P.s sorry for the shitty text!!”



The problem is… it didn’t stop there. I couldn’t help it. Once I had seen one… I had to keep checking.

A couple of days later… I found a numbat… or a quokka… yep, you guessed it. Another photo.


Now we have a collection!
Now we have a collection!

I’m wondering how long my curiosity will linger on this… maybe it’s a sign that I need a holiday ….. 🙂




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