September 1st… Fathers’ Day

I’m a bit late on putting this post up but we’ve had a really huge couple of weeks at our place – hopefully I will be back on track now that things have slowed down.

So… Fathers Day…I don’t know about you, but I was bursting with excitement about our first Fathers Day this year. Over the years, it’s always been a pretty special family day that started with a cooked breakfast for my dad. Even after we all moved out, we would still meet up in my parents kitchen on the Sunday morning to make my dad breakfast. It was our tradition. Thinking about all the Fathers Day I had celebrated with my Dad, I was excited to start our own traditions for my husband.

Personally, I think Fathers Day is a pretty big deal – it’s a privilege to be a father and its worth celebrating all the incredible dads, dad’s to be, step-dads, wanna be dads and father figures out there who are making such a difference.  It’s a really nice time to reflect on how lucky I’ve been too, having had such an enthusiastic and active dad.

With all of this on my mind, I just couldn’t wait to celebrate my husbands first Fathers Day – celebrating 6 months of fatherhood and many more beautiful years to come.

I had been planning for weeks, thinking about what I was going to make for breakfast, what presents our little Pickle was going to give his daddy and how we would then celebrate Fathers Day with my Dad.

Daddy's gift collection
Daddy’s gift collection
A real Dad's breakfast!
A real Dad’s breakfast!
No celebration complete without some bubbles
No celebration complete without some bubbles

The day was really beautiful and I particularly enjoyed a really great conversation with my Dad that afternoon, he is pretty excited about being a grandfather and really enjoying having a tiny little person in the family again. It’s caused him to reminisce somewhat on his own fatherhood journey and how great it has been; and of course able to offer some priceless advice.

It’s a beautiful thing being able to share our baby with my parents– at times I feel as though I am peeking through the window of my own childhood. I love watching as they fall in love all over again, watch them dazzle in every advancement and development our son makes.

The excitement that emanates from them fills the whole room, it’s truly joyous and I feel truly blessed. How lucky we are to have family.

I hope you had a wonderful fathers day too… feel free to share any excitement from your day. Thanks for reading.


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  1. Lisa says:

    Like you, we too celebrate Father’s Day with a cooked breakfast that the four of us cook for Dad. I love spending the time with him and hanging out with my family. I can’t wait for children of my own and to be able to start my own traditions but also to be able to share my children with my parents, especially my dad. Xx

    1. maxiemama says:

      It’s beautiful to have traditions isnt it Lisa, thanks so much for sharing and taking the time to write. It wont be long before you will be making new traditions and I am sure they will be wonderful.

  2. Irene Crane says:

    Nice seeing a new post again and a very touching one Besitos


    Sent from my iPad

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