Cleaning with Probiotics?

I’m really excited to finally have found a non-toxic, 100% certified organic, SAFE and really effective line of cleaning products that I actually get excited about using in my home. That’s a big ask as cleaning doesn’t excite me. Not even a little bit. I do love the end result though… especally because it doesnt last long.

Another big bonus is never having to worry about my kids opening cupboards and spraying themselves or drinking from the bottles – thank fully that has never happened but I’ve heard horror stories before! I just want peace of mind in my home knowing that everything we buy is a really ethical, really nourishing and safe to use.

Enter “Probiotic Solutions!”
The first cleaning product of its kind and all based on the way the earth has been cleaning itself for billions of years.


4 billion years of cleaning experience

Not all bacteria are bad. In fact, there are lots of bacteria that are essential to our well-being.

Just like probiotic products make your tummy healthy, the millions of friendly bacteria in Probiotic Solutions sort out the bad bacteria in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries, turning every room into a happy and healthy ecosystem.

Popular cleaning products that use nasty chemicals are like nuclear bombs going off in your home. They kill 99.9% of bacteria, including the good bacteria our environment needs.

Probiotic Solutions is the smarter way to clean, because your home becomes naturally balanced instead of acting like a chemical laboratory. What’s more, probiotics are natural living organisms, which means they keep cleaning long after you’ve sprayed, wiped and mopped.

It’s the way nature has cleaned since the dawn of time.

Using probiotics to clean is smarter than spraying nasty chemicals all over your home. Chemicals are not only dangerous, they kill everything in sight and encourage bad bacteria to thrive. When you think about it, cleaning with probiotics makes a hell of a lot of sense.

What else do I love about them? They are affordable! Some of the natural alternatives are so expensive and sometimes I’m still unconvinced that they work…. Probiotics Solutions however are priced really well at $10 per bottle (500ml) or you can purchase the pack which includes Mop Me, Bathroom Bliss, Mirror Mirror, Anywhere Anytime (which is like a healthy spray and wipe), Room Refresh (room spray)  and Healthy Hands (hand wash) for AUD$57.95.

They come in 2 lovely scents, lavander and lemon myrtle.

I’m happy to say that I showed these products to a friend of ours who has her own cleaning business. She has over 20 years experience in both domestic and commercial cleaning and has tried heaps of different products. She tried these and loved them! She’s in the process of converting her whole business over to them now. So exciting!!!



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