3 to 5 MILLION coffee pods hit our landfill everyday!!

Coffee in a row

The environmental issue of our love for coffee is causing a massive problem.

3 – 5 million aluminium coffee pods hit our landfill in Australia everyday. To put it into perspective, that’s 5 olympic swimming pools. FULL. EVERYDAY. And they take anywhere from 150 to 500 years to break down.  When you hear it like that, I think you too will realise that something needs to change!

While our coffee addiction doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, the environmental impact might finally see some huge improvement if we all swap to Tripod Coffee.

Two professional Aussie cricketers with a love for coffee and a social conscience teamed up to create Australia’s first organic, fair-trade, recyclable coffee pod.

While they’ve already delivered the 100% organic PNG coffee in a 100% recyclable pod, they are now on the verge of releasing a 100% compostable and biodegradable capsule – the first of its kind in Australia!

Offering the same amazing coffee now in a 100% green pod which will completely disappear from your compost in 90 days!

The first big question everyone is asking is… what’s the coffee like?? and Im happy to report that its actually really delicious! The creators of Tripod Coffee spent years sampling organic coffee around the world, waiting to find something that would impress even the most hard-core caffeine junkie… and then they were introduced to Green Gatsby. It is an organic, fair-trade, sustainably sourced coffee made with Arabica beans and then roasted to produce a deep plum, chocolate and honey palette which is balanced by a bright citrus acidity.

They were pretty realistic when it came to their dream of realising this product; – coffee lovers are passionate people and they won’t make the shift away from their favourite pods unless Tripod could offer something even better and it just had to be compatible with the most popular Nespresso machines!!! For this to work – for this much needed shift to happen, they need everyone to get onboard. At the very least, even if you are completely in love with your current blend – PLEASE, just try this!

Each pack contains 10 pods and even one pack per Australian will save us MILLIONS of landfill space and fumes.  Go on – give it a go and hopefully, like me, you will love it and make the switch to a delicious coffee without the guilty conscience.



Completely compatible with Nespresso machines and many others, this is the first capsule of its kind you can purchase without a guilty conscience.



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