The Last Straw!

Sprocket & Steel is one of my new favourite companies – why?? Because its owned by a 13 year old girl who is intent on changing the world!!!

13 year old Kiara has always loved drinking out of straws, until she learned that all that plastic is polluting our beloved oceans. After a few weeks of mulling this over in her mind, she set a plan in motion that saw her start up her own business and make a movement towards saving our planet.

Kiara’s dad is a metal work expert and after a few conversations with Kiara, she convinced him to teach her how to make her own straw. For the first year she practiced and made them for herself and then started to give them away to friends and family as gifts. The straws, made from 3161 marine grade stainless steel from Sweden, proved durable and completely rust and dent resistant.
In October of 2016, Kiara started to sell them and people went crazy for them!! She sold over 900 straws in the 6 weeks before Christmas. She makes a standard straw and a thicker smoothie straw. She’s also now starting to make short cocktail straws.

straw - steel

Kiara makes the packaging for the straws herself using recycled card which is eco-friendly and biodegradable.


Ive bought a bunch of these straws now and they are truly awesome! I take 4 in my handbag everywhere we go so that we can always say “hold the straw” when purchasing any take-away drinks. I keep 4 in our kitchen draw for everyday use and have 2 spares in the car too.. just in case! You just never know when you might need them

Apparently, by the year 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than sea life.  Isn’t that disgusting?

$23.99 for 4 beautiful handmade (marine grade) stainless steel straws – each one made with love and a beautiful intention   A small price to pay to help save our ocean for future generations. 


Kiara and straw
What an inspirational woman!

SHOP HERE or click the SHOP NOW button on my Facebook page MaxieMama…/Shop…/ProductDetailv4.aspx…


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